A Web Journey

Wednesday, 1 November 2006 21:38

Mood: Good
Music: Finch - What it is to burn

The first day of the month and it is freezing compared to yesterday where I was riding home in a shirt. Now when I get to school only may fingers are cold cos my mitts are pretty good. My highlight of the day was not having business studies giving me 3 hours of free time and then when I came back to school for last period we watched this cool movie called “The Island” as a treat for going to lessons.

The server and website are coming along nicely with the pages being created one by one but I want to rewrite some of the pages because I know I can do better than I have done. I want the website to be great before it goes online instead of it being partly finished. It is online at the moment but it isn't using my Cosmo1847 domain name. The server is configured to have virtual hosts that means that the domain name points to a root directory of it's own instead of being a sub-directory of the whole server. Thanks to Danny Boy I have gotten the web site to work in Internet explorer. The browser hated by all good web designers for it's lack of support of CSS, the language used to control the style of the website.

My friend, Adam Bullock, is starting his little journey into web design like I did almost two years ago. Since then I have learn a huge amount about making websites but I still can learn a lot more so maybe he would be a great designer in the future. You can see his web site here if you are interested, Just don't look at the source :p