Surprise Cupcake

Sunday, 11 March 2007 15:06

Mood: Good

On friday we got the exam results for what we did in January and I choose to wait until everyone had gone to lesson before I opened the envelope. The worst thing about our grades is they are a number. We are not told what the number is out of so we can't work out what our grades are. I got 77 in one of my physcis which could be an A grade if it was out of 90, but after talking about it as a class it in class we figured it was out of 120, meaning that is was a C or D grade.

In the end I worked out that I got a few C and D grades. Overall I failed three of my nine exams, total failed, as in not even an E grade. On the other side of things there was ICT, the subject I hate, I got the highest grade in the year group. I scored 79 out of 90 and as my reward I got up cupcake from my teacher. Now all I have to do boost my grades in all my other subjects. Something I have been talking about with my teacher is the importance of a portfoilo if I plan to go stright into work after I leave school or decide not to go to uni.

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog entry, 26 days infact. Some possiable reasons for this may have been because there has been a lot going on in my life that my mind has been dwelling upon. School, friend and coursework all play a part of this. At school I have been making more friend in the year below and spending more time with them. Out of school I have been learning how to use this program called VI which is a command line text editor, A very powerful one. I've also been doing work on the server so that it is no quieter then before and has a DVD-RW drive. I should blog again sometime this month since it's my birthday at the end of it.