Car Cleaning

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 21:50

Music: Scrubius pip - You Will See Me

It took me about two weeks to get over that cold I had at the start of the year. Not the best way to start the year but better than a lot of people. It’s been raining a lot this month so a lot of people are having flooding. Where I go to work I’ve only had a bit of water on the roads but that’s all. One of the guys at work drove through deepish water in his Corsa and got worried he’s damaged it. His car was fine but he spent most of the day worrying that he’s gotten water into the engine or something.

I cleaned the car this weekend for the second time since I’ve bought it. I had no idea my wheels were that silver. I was going to call my car “Dirty Little Bastard” because it was unwashed when I bought it, but it still looked really clean in pictures. As much as I may love a machine it’s still a machine. Neither a ‘he’ or ‘she’ but an ‘it’; so it doesn’t have a name.

I’ve almost finished fixing my fiesta and once it’s done I should go out and have more fun and adventures. At the moment I only seem to use it for driving around town and to work. I had planned to use the car to have adventures and go to new places, either by myself or with friends. To take me away from my town to new places and to meet new people. Once fixed I’ll enjoy the car for a little while as it is before I do any more modifications. I don’t know where I’m going with it: style, power, handling or some combination of them. I’d prefer function over form if possible but some things are just to make the car look better. Maybe it’s time to spend some time and money fixing up the Nissan and making it a awesome daily driver. Maybe new front seats, lowered suppension and alloy wheels.