Jonathan Norman

A lunatic with a keyboard and a rachett

My name is Jonathan and I’m a 20 something year old web developer from England. I started this website not long after I began learning HTML back in highschool. 10 years on this website is still going and still pushing myself to learn more. The great thing about web development is that with only a few tools you can quickly make something amazing.

I don’t have the biggest music collection in the world but I do love listening to good songs. I have a decent sound system at home and headphones that I use at work when I need to keep my head down. From dubstep to metal to eurobeat and many others depending on my mood and what I’m doing. Whether I’m trying to get lost in the music or a busy room full of people, I’ll find a tune.

I’ve been into cars since I was a little kid and now I have my own that I enjoy working on (most of the time) and racing around the countryside. I was brought up watching the British Touring cars racing and playing Gran Turismo. To some a car is something to get to from A to B and back again but to me it’s an extension of my body and who I am. I have learnt skills, gained confidence and made friends from working on my cars.