Friday, 11 November 2005 21:51

Music: iPod shuffle

My ipod has been playing for at least 20 hours on the speakers and the battery has not died yet and it has said it has no battery life for ages, but it's only a matter of time. It's currently on Automatic Stop by the Strokes.

I got myself a football yesterday and people keep asking why I got it, they said but I don't play football and I said thats because I don't have one to play with. I was kicking it about the garden for about 30 mins and now I have to fix the gutter pipe on the side of the garage. I have finished all my GCSE english work and exams, for the second time. So I can know do all the homeworks that we talked about at parents evening. I was on the common room duty team which means I should have stayed at done some cleaning but I go home at 1:30pm so I am not going to wait around until the end of school to do it, and surprisingly no one has moaned at me yet about not doing it, but there's nothing they can do now. As a tip for anyone thats reading it, A-Level is not a good time to start skipping lesions.