Some More

Thursday, 15 December 2005 20:26

part 2
Music: Living for the Weekend - Hard-Fi

Today I am in a much better mood. I have had two lessons today but my friend beat me by having only the one. If I had know I didn't have media I would have come in at 11am and still have gone to all my lessons. I have stopped being an emo kid and I am looking at the good things in my life (and having evil thoughts that keep my mind amused). My friend was teaching me how to play poker in period two as they all had a free and so did I. It started off with 10 players and an hour later the pair of girls won. Next time they play I want to as well. Xmas is only ten days away and we still haven't got our decorations out and my friend thought he was leaving it late. I had planned to get some xmas cards from the store when I got home but they had sold out of cheapish one (I was not gonna pay £4 for 10 cards when I needed alot more or less).

The website has been updated but the server has been offline for 2 weeks so I will have to upload all the updates when it comes back online. they are mostly little improvements and blog entries. I have almost been doing websites for a year know and I have learnt so much but there is still much more to learn since the code I use keeps growing.