The Week

Friday, 30 December 2005 22:07

When magic tricks go wrong.

Almost 2006, and we all know what that means, It's the start of summer term. Other than this there are many good things that I can look forward to; 17th birthday, learning to drive, getting a job, building my first computer and many more. Today was my cousin's 12th birthday so happy birthday Dom.

Now I am feeling better because my friends have shown that they care for me, this makes me feel wanted which is what every one wants. On MSN I couldn't think of a display name so I just put "Shite" and they started to ask if I was feeling ok. This week I haven't seen any of my friend so I am starting to miss them but I will seen them next week as the summer term starts. This christmas it was great, for me it is about the family and all being together. I didn't get as many presents as I normally did but all the presents I got are going to be used more as I haven't got any presents that I wont use. I have Ghost in the shell stand alone complex that is just great. Its a government section going round solving crimes in the future where robots are common. I also got Ichi the killer which is about a person that has suffered from bullying throughout his childhood and now finds sexual pleasure from violence. This is the only anime that I have seen that is rated an 18 and I find it sick in places, So imagine how sick other people would find it. I have started a personal diary to release my feelings as it where instead of bottling them all up inside of me until I snap and badly hurt someone.