An Update

Saturday, 4 March 2006 17:41

Mood: Sleepy but happy

At the moment I have borrowed two electric guitars, ones black the other is red. The black one Sam lent me to have a go on and the red one I am trying out to see if I like it. So far I do but if my parents are thinking about getting me one from Argos then I'll point them in the right direction and get a decent one with amp, cables etc. Plug in baby by Muse is what I have been learning to play. So far it is just the intro and one of the riffs.

Round my grandparents I took the guitar that and my cousins mucked around with it, but only for a min. In the garden the water but had a load of ice in it. I did the smart thing and stuck my fist through it. Its a good destressing thing as you can take the ice and smash and crush it into little bits and not have to clean it up later. I've done over 40% on Gran Turismo 4. I can't really be bothered with this post.