Web Design

Thursday, 25 May 2006 12:57

Mood: Good

This week I have been let out of 3 lessons by the teachers because what we are doing in the lesson doesn't teach us anything. So I have been in the study room revising. Mrs Wilson, the head of 6th form, suggested that I could go an do Web Design full time. I like staying at 6th form but I suppose this is just my safety area because I know how the system works and I know the people there. At college I would be a newbie lost in a world that I don't know feeling sick with nerves. If I just walk in, join up and start lessons I will be fine because I will just go with the flow without feeling nervous. Tomorrow I'm going to show the new head of ICT, and my old teacher, my Web sites that I have done over time.

I have been working on Dragon Media that will replace Black Flag when it goes live and will be the brand that I make my website under. This website has been developing but I think I need to work on what the content will be as it is pretty crap and general. I am working on my own web server to host my sites on but I am having problems tying to install PHP 5 on it. The web server is under Windows or linux and they are both running Apache 1.3. This post kinda sucked towards the end but I suppose it because it's now 11pm and I am sleepy.