End Of The Lines

Thursday, 17 May 2007 20:47

Music: Rob Da Bank 5

Today was the last day for year 11 and tomorrow it is year 12s, A week after it comes our turn. The school will be quite and empty with the top 3 years being on study leave. I shell miss the year below because I have a lot of friend in that year and that is the year that has Kim in. I won't get to see her very much but I shell try and stay in contact with her by phone and hopefully get to hang out with her sometime in the holidays. I have a lot of friends but I don't seem to hang out with many of them outside of school and I only know where few of them live.

I have almost come to the end of the line in my education with university being a possibility but not a definite. I will continue my learning at home like I have been doing with the computers for the past few years along with my writing. After I finish my exams I have a few things planned to do and one of them is to pass my driving test, another is to get a passport sorted out. These will give me a great amount of freedom and will help me develop my life.