Half Way From Half Way To

Thursday, 14 June 2007 18:32

Music: Slipknot - Slipknot

Awww damn I've just noticed I've missed the Simpsons again, oh well it's crap anyway. It would see that unlike the rest of my year I have already done most of my exam and only have three to go, unlike my best friend Alex who has 10 next week, 4 on Monday. I do hate it when out of all the time they have for the exams they sometimes overlap like they did today. Mark and I are the only ones that do physics and business studies both of the exams are scheduled at 9am the same day, this is of course impossibly and I do not like the idea of sitting over 4 hours of exams in a row.

I have been reading a new comic called Questionable Content which I love, it has music, sarcasm, little robots and a plot. I do read a lot of comics but I do not spend all my time reading them as I look at them all in one go and then that it is until the next day. They talk about all sorts of Indie-Rock bands that I have never heard of so I went onto iTunes to listen to them. Tomorrow I will be going into town to get Pavement: slated and enchanted as I love what I have heard of it online. I have also decided that after my last exam that is a week from today I will order myself a nice 20" Dell LCD screen that I hope I will use most of the time.