Monday, 2 July 2007 17:49

Music: Queens of the stone age - Songs for the deaf

I've finished school now so I have to find something productive to do. My laptop is being repair and an engineer is coming over tomorrow to look at the LG screen that is playing up. I have no been doing any coding recently but I surpose that is do it with my laptop being in for repairs since there is where everything is. Instead of sitting at my computer wasting my time I went into the garden and started work on repairing the wooden frame in that has been falling apart. Most of the wood is rotten and will be replaced over time.

On the job side of my life I have been looking into a job repairing laptops at a company in a nearby town but I think that I will also ask at the local schools about any ICT jobs as I have been told they are a nice way to get into ICT and because I do not live far from some schools.