Emo Programming

Thursday, 26 July 2007 15:55

Music: Rob Da Bank 23rd July.

As I sit here listening to Rob the bank writing this I am not thinking about anything which is a good thing I suppose. Sometimes when I think about something I become restless, angry and depressed. The last time this happened I cut my arm with a pen knife because I felt like such a bastard for what I had done to my best friend. I am thinking about drowning myself in this fantastic music that Rob Da Bank has played on his show as I listen online to it, It sounds a Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve remix of Rosco. I was wrong but it's still great.

I find music to be a great escape as I can just stick my headphones in and lie back on my bed feeling free. As is there is nothing in the world apart from me and the music. This is when the beats and lyrics penetrate into my mind with the great feeling of warms if the lyrics hit home. I am loving the Aphex Twin in the background.

To the right is the Ruby on Rail logo. This is a new program language that I have been learning as a suggestion from Kz and after following a screencast I managed to make a simple blog system that took me 2 hours but I am pleased that it is working. I have do redo the cats website later in the year as it is out of date but I maybe living in France with my family as I do it. This would be a great experience for me as I have never been out of the county before nor have I had need to use my independence from my parents. With all the rain that the UK has been having it might be a smart move if I want to stay dry.