Bye Bye Bandwidth

Friday, 14 September 2007 17:00

Music: Drum and Bass Area disc 1
Mood: Good

I'm set up shop as a linux seller but in order to sell I have to download it first. In doing so I've gone over our 50GB fair usage limit. Having said they they give you a warning when you have 2GB left and I got this email at 2AM so by the time I'd read it the limit was already behind me. On the plus side our line hasn't been slowed from 2200Kb/s to 128Kb/s, at least not yet and even if it did it would be okay for what I used it for since I'm normally talking to people online but the linux downloads blow away our limit. 35GB in the past week. Oh well, the upload is not affected so you will still be able to come a see my site.