"Fat old mess"

Monday, 21 April 2008 18:50

Music: Shuffle
Mood: Emo

Well it maybe that my apathetic streak is over and I'm starting to feel something once again. Today was gonna be one of them days. I knew when the first thing said to me when I got out of bed was that both of the working computers where no longer working. Oh fucking great! Just want I wanted, more shit to fix. To add to the problem later I thought I'd make the graphics card quieter, as if killing one with that cooler wasn't enough. I jump in the car to go and get a new graphics card with my mum and the car chokes, splutters and weirs before eventually starting.

Coming out of Asda's car park I see two guys in a car each just hanging out. One of the cars was a gold Citron Saxon with black alloys and nice body kit on. They were just chilling and the guy in the gold had is leg hanging out the window. I duno what is was about that but I just felt that if I got off my arse, got a job and worked hard I could have cool stuff too. It's not the ideal reason to get a job but hey it's motivation and you get cool shit from it. It would be nice to get a car of my own I can tinker with and we have a backup car incase one of them dies. Well there is stuff to be done, things to plot and plans to be hatched.