Thursday, 11 April 2013 22:31

Music: Icona Pop - I Love it (Cobra Starship Remix)

I fucking love this song since Mike played it at work. It’s just a great tune and the bass is awesome. Not some shitty song where someone’s enhanced the bass instead of just buying decent headphones. Sat in bed with the volume cranked up nodding my head with the music and enjoying the lyrics. Maybe with my first pay pack I’ll install a subwoofer in my car, one I can remove and put into my next car if I want to.

I’ve been listening to some Sportsday Megaphone at work today instead of the radio. I don’t know why I suddenly wanted to listen to his style of music. At the mo I’ve got a Dark Punk Remix on. I do like a large range of music but I don’t seem to go looking for it or buying any. I got Placebo’s first album from Alex for my birthday which I’ve enjoyed. I’m finding that I used to only like one or two songs on a album and not the rest but now it’s the opposite with me only not liking one or two.

I think I’m just going to publish uncut. I’ve written a few bits in March and one in April but they’ve not been uploaded / edited yet so it looks like I’ve stopped blogging again. Having a drive with Steve I was thinking and decided that I should do one major thing a month and one minor thing a day. I hate it when I look back at a day and can’t think what I did that day. I should be able to say I’ve had a bike ride or been drifting or something productive / fun. The major things so far have been welding and fetching a cat. Something new that takes me out of my comfort zone and gives me an experience.

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