Halfway Through 2013

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 21:23

We’re half way through this year and time moves on at at increasing pace. I’ve already been at my job for three months and my best friend has turned 24 today. My best friend has been one of the most constant things in my life, friends since the age of 6 we’ve grown closer over time. He came to my recuse and picked me up from the middle of the country side when my bike broke. For the want of a £1 bolt the clamp was lost, for the want a £5 clamp the seat-post was lost. I ended up buying a higher-end seat post for £45 which I think is expensive but I also think that I’ll never have to buy a new one again for my bike.

My anxiety has improved a lot this year but I want to push it further. I want to do more and more new things until one day I forget I ever had social anxiety disorder. I hope that after that day I continue on to explore everything the world has to offer and make friends along the way. I haven’t done something large to push me out of my comfort zone these last two months and I’ve settled a little into a routine. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow and I’m always aiming for the perfect plan so nothing gets done. This is why I haven’t bought a car yet or even the upgrades for my server that I’ve been planning for so long. Anything I’ll end up getting will benefit me so I should just go for the good plan.