Peddle To Go

Thursday, 27 October 2005 19:22

While watching the original Akira.

This is my first blog thingy and therefore this properly isn't finished and not publics so i don't care if it sounds stupid.
I have been making this site for a week or so now and i think it has be coming along well. I have been going out biking, i have an Aggression 1.0. While i was out biking I thought i had some stuff on my shoe so i tried to wipe it off with the peddle and the bloody peddle came off. That the second time that has happens. When i got it home i tried to fix it and found out that the bolt is screwed so a quick trip down to Halfords and jobs done.

I have updated the CSS of the website but there is much more work to be done on this site. I've made a nifty little blog page which automatically loads the newest page. I've got to figure out a way to get the months up at the top but that can be done later. Well i havent really done much today so theres no real reason for this to be long.