First Day Back

Monday, 31 October 2005 14:26

With mates in a small room.

Im currently sitting in a small study room with my two crazy mates. We're all media students so we have been mucking around with our macs. At lunch my friends explained to me a card game you play like poker but it isn't money that you win, "It's a very kinky game at our parties". If you have 3 kings you have sex with any boy of your choice and if its 3 queens you have sex with any girl you want. I'm pretty sure this is just a joke and doesn't really happen.

Well this is my first day back at school after half term and my bag is very heavy and i keep going off balance which as you can image is a little annoying, but you couldn't give a shit. It's halloween tonight, oh fun, just want a wanted. I fucking hate it, It's an american marketing scheme which chavs use to cause trouble. Halloween used to be the time when the people on earth prayed for the soles trapped in purgatory to reach heaven.