Thursday, 3 November 2005 21:33

Music: Billy Talent - Line and sinker

I have a new plan for getting to school and also give mean an extra half an hour in bed. I leave for school at 7:45 normally but I leave on the at 8:20 and I get to school in time and go past my mates on the way. This is a good plan but if something goes wrong you have a problem. I had just got to the bus stop when I noticed that the peddle had come very loose. I tightened it up a little with my hand then went back home to get the tools to fix it. I fix the bike and get to school at 8:50, five minutes after school starts which I thought was very good considering I had to go home and fix the bike.

First lesson and i have a one hour essay to do and it doesn't help when the teacher and someone are mucking around with a noisy projector. One thing that did amuse me was when the teacher came over and had a look at the hoody I was wearing. In the common room I showed my mate the essay I was doing for my english and he says that it is great. As i got E E in my coursework last time round you can image that i was happy with that.

In Physics you could see how far technology had come as we were using a IBM thinkpad from 1993 running Windows 3.11 next to my Apple Powerbook from six weeks ago running the latest Mac OS. But if i was being honest calculators out powered them. We got the new carpet today and I got chocolate on the bottom of my powerbook. I going to go and watch House now.