Friday, 18 November 2005 21:31

Children in need
TV: Watching Ghost Busters on Channel 4

Today was children in need day so it was fancy dress in the 6th form. Which I didn't bother doing but my friend allowed me to go in his womble suit so I went round at lunch time with three other wombles. It was great so next year I will dress up as a lion or something. We got £20 off the head and told not to come back, how nice.

I had an aim today to get the school internet on my laptop so I don't have wait ages to log on to use the internet. To do this I had to get the proxy information and I knew how, but this was disallowed in a limited account. Luckily the techie IT guy forgot to log out so I could get all the information I needed to get the internet working on my laptop. Something which I have just thought of, I should have boosted my rights whiles I had the chance, dammit!