Monday, 21 November 2005 17:40

Music: Plug in Baby by Muse

Today I found out from a friend that I was almost kicked off ICT for GCSE, you'd think that they would have told you that would you? Some so dam import to your GCSEs but they didn't and i got a C grade in the end so screw them. Ironically I help teach year 7 ICT and happen to be the best person with computers in the year, but not a hacker! getting the IP address for the computer isn't hacking, its a few seconds on google.

I have been playing Final Fantasy VIII a lot on the play station. I have had this game for year and never finished it so it is about time. I have been playing it for about 14 hours and I am ready on the second disk. I did loads yesterday then died, so I have to do it again today because I did save it which sucks.

Tomorrow will be a great school day, this is because it is a Pastoral day, this is like spending the whole day doing tutor stuff. We have interviews with our tutor to talk about how things are going with 6th forum and about the lessons. So tomorrow I go home early and get a lie in, excellent.