TV Stars

Friday, 2 December 2005 22:39

Yesterday we went on a media trip to see the Trisha Godard show being made and we where part of the audience, well most of it since the stage is alot smaller than it looks on TV. The guest of the show are so really stupid chavs, the first was a man sleeping with his sister-in-law with his wife's permission to cure her skin condition by getting pregnant. What the hell? stupid people. "You're a bunch of fucking idiots" the guy said to all of us then left which was funny. I was on the front row with some of my friends and we find out when it is on TV next week.

I have been planning to build my new computer to play games on to replace my current one and now I have started by build. I bought the case off my friend today for £40 which if you don't know much about computers, that a very good price for a good case. some of my friends think I'm being ripped off but I am not cos it was an extra £30 new. I should get the case soon so I can have a proper look at it and start planning it. I have started a build log on the forum and I will made a mini site for it on here.