The Race Of Boys

Thursday, 8 December 2005 22:00

Music: The nobodies - Marilyn Manson

Today me and one of my best friends has a race home from school, the winner was the first person to log on to MSN. This race took about 2 miles and 20 minuets, but it was not a fair race. I was on my bike and he was getting a lift from his mum But he has to phone his mum and wait for her to pick him up so i had the advantage there because all i had to do was unlock my bike and i was away. I won the race by about 5 minuets, by the time he logged on i was relaxed drinking tea and eating a chocolate muffin. this has evened the score to 1-1.

In physics today we where doing a simple experiment, which we failed at. The experiment was to throw an egg (raw) as hard or as soft as well liked at the wall without cracking it. So we had a bed sheet in the way to slow the egg down to a stop without breaking it. This should have all worked in theory but in real life it should of too. Lewis volunteered to throw the egg. He throw the egg at the sheet at a reasonable speed....and just went over the top of the sheet onto the wall, at this point the whole class (14ish) burst into laughter at how he had missed the large white sheet held in front of him and hit the wall. This isn't our teachers class room either so he has to get it cleared up.

Attempt number 2. Daniels throw the egg and it hit the sheet and it cracked leaving sir with some laundry to do at the weekend. well at least he hit the sheet.