Saturday, 7 January 2006 17:33

TV: E.T - ITV1

My bike has been broken for a while now but still useable. Today we got a new left side crank and that didn't fit cos it mouted on the wrong way. We took that back and got a whole new crank set. Now I can't use the bike at all cos we broke the old one getting it off and the new one cos it touches the frame. Also the new one was damanged anyway but we didn't notice until we bought it. So I now have to walk home from school if I want to get home early and I can't go out biking around of to my friends or anyway. It sux.

The coursework for media studies has started but as far as I know only me and Kelly have acurlty started to film anything. We have to make a film about how good chelmsford is and what a nice place it is to live in. So basicly a propaganda film, this may explain why we have been watching "truimpth of the will". This is a documantary about Hitler but it has been argured that it's a Nazi proganda film. There are four of us in the coursework group but what may happen is that we splite up into two groups of two or go solo. Personally I don't care but if I go solo I can cos I have all my own stuff. I'll see what happens after Monday.