Friday, 13 January 2006 16:59

TV: Futurama - Skyone

Today was pastoral day which is like four hours of doing stuff as a 6th form. It was mostly about driving and the affect of drinking. Today I had a go at driving, it was like 5 mins around the playground but it was still a great thing to do. I only stalled it once and had to use reverse cos I got to close to the fence. I was very good at it as I knew what all the controls were and how sensitive they are.

I got my GCSE English resit results back and I got a D again which sucks as this means that I didn't improve. Yesterday I took my Business Exam and I hope I did well in it as I don't want to resit this one.

I have been playing Blitzkrieg and doing an Kaneda graphics in Adobe Illustrator. I have been talking to my friend and he thinks that most of the emo kids are bi-sexual which I disagree with, if someone is something it does not mean that they are something else aswell. I mean if they are emo doesn't mean they are likely to be bi-sexual.