I'm happy

Monday, 16 January 2006 20:36

Music: Elements Of Persuasion - James Labie

As I am in a mood to right I though it would be a good idea so I don't enter a shitty uninteresting blog entery. At the moment I am in a good mood and this is probably because I have been hanging out with my friends in the common room, talked to my media group and sorted out a plan with them and have understood all of todays lessons. Well...General studies made no sense but who cares, physics was just going over what we will be doing this term and media was just watching a documentary. "Roger and Me" by Michael Moore is the documentary we have been studying and it is a very cleaver film as he has ported the people in the film the way he wants them to so it is his version of the truth. He makes the poor look very poor as he shows lots of people being evicted even on christmas eve and the rich are shown as ignorant and moronic as the are sure that the people of flint will be fine when in reality all the poor are moving out.

This documentary is a fanatic peace of work as he has twisted reality into a new shape and presented it on film. What we where told at the end was that the events he had shown in the film did not happen in that order but from the way you where shown it you would not have known it. The main thing people hated about this film was what happened to the rabbit. There was a cute rabbit being held by a woman, he put in on the floor and pinned it down. She then picked up a pipe and bashed it over its head until dead, hung it by its back legs, removed it head, skinned and gutted it all in front of the camera. Possibly the most worrying or disturbing thing about that was that it did not bother me to see a live rabbit become meat in under a minute.

I am in a fairly good mood at the moment probably because this is the start of the week and there isn't reality enough time for something to put me into a bad mood, although I have been in a very bad mood before for no reason. I have been listening to heavy metal and the sort most of the day which may have added to the mood as this normal calms me down and when I got into the common room there was classic FM on the radio that was very peaceful until some dam chav changed it to some crap. It's my friends birthday next week, I should get him a card.