Life Sux And Then You Die

Sunday, 22 January 2006 18:53

Music: Elements Of Persuasion - James Labie
Mood: Emo

I have checked out the stats for my media class at I am 2nd from the bottom so I'm not in a good mood. The reason I am there is because I can not do great essays first go, all the stuff I do I redo until I am happy with it. I hate writing, I never get it write and I will always have to find a different way of saying something that I want to because I can't spell it, or when I get asked a question and I have no idea what they want because of the way it is worded confuses me. I am a smart kid, just not always in the areas they want me to be in for the exams.

At least I am not the only one in the sinking boat, most of my mates hate school all over again with even more loathing than before. They are finding it hard to do the work and understand things but they are sticking at it, well most of them, and that is what I am doing to but sometimes you just want to run away from it all. One of my friends it saying that his maths homework is making him feel suicidal but that is just bullshit, so you don't understand it, do what you can and come back to the rest if you want. Whenever I feel suicidal I never am for more than 5 mins because I think of all the good things in my life and block out the bad.

I am 16 at this is the age we find ourselves so everyone is weird, some aren't to sure about their sexuality. some, like me, are trying to find a style of life that they fit into. Tom has started listening to heavy metal and Lee has gone from towny to emo. I seem to be going towards the goth phase but I do not look like one...most of the time. My MSN name at the moment is "Death metal + Comic = :D". I have been playing Arch Enemy and reading Apple Geeks comics which has boasted my mood. Most people thing that death metal is all about silting your wrists. There is a term for these people..."narrow minded idiots". These people normally make their minds up before they have experienced it and have an opinion based on nothing which pisses me off. Don't knock something until you've tried it.

Sunday TV is so depressing and crap, there is nothing good on which is why loads of people have DVD players now to watch something decent. This paragraph is more general and summing up the week. The media groups has been sorted out even tho is has changed four times this week it is now final and filming as a group starts tomorrow. My bike is fixed and usable but I still can't get onto the top ring which limited my top speed by alot but I can still go pretty fast. You might have notices a few little changes to the site; there is now a favicon next to the URL, the server has been changed and you can now access the site (no offense Lau). The format at the top has changed slightly, this was just an on-the-spot change that I made as this time I am editing direct to the page rather than my normal method of doing it first then copying it over to the web page.

If only I could do my essays like this, it's only taken me half an hour.