Slit Your Wrists

Sunday, 22 January 2006 18:53

Music: heavy metal.
Mood: confused and depressed.

Right I am sitting here listening to death metal and heavy metal and the only reason I am not is a good mood again has nothing to do with the music, if anything the music is making me feel better by playing it loud. The reason I am not in a good mood is cos no one is talking to me on msn, people in general thing I am a freak and I am not doing to well at school but I am sticking at it for now. That makes me want to slit my wrist, not the fucking music, that allows me to escape from all the shit as most of my rage is taken out in the music rather than my arm.

One of my mates thinks that the music makes emo etc want to slit their writes which I pointed out was a load of moronic shit. hip-hop and "gansta" rap makes me want to kill myself as its just so shit and full of pro violence crap instead of metal. Metal music has meanings behide it like "Goliaths Disarm Their Davids" by In Flames is about disarming your enemy instead of getting more weapons and fighting back, rather than any rap which is about capping some 2 bit motherfucka and fucking his bitchs. Metal is about meaning and chav crap is about processions and shining things.

I have got some thermal paste for my CPU and its works like a treat, never goes over 40'C ( or 313.15K ) so I can run games loads and not smell burning from the computer. I got a B- on a essay in general studies which has boasted my mood alittle. I got a load of songs off my mate's mp3 player. Well my best mates are online now so I'm happier.