Die Bitch Hehe

Friday, 27 January 2006 22:00

Mood: happy watching funny stuff

Emo news first, some people make a list of insults with numbers next to them so they would call you a load of numbers and insults. being insulted puts me in a bad mood and if it happens alot i will just go home from school no matter what time it is. For the people with the list, i hope you fucking die.

I'm watching "mock the week" and it's put a smile on my face. this is what i need after the emo week i seems to of had. all the jokes are boasting my mood. Yesterday my make made a joke whiles we were talking on MSN and it made me laugh my arse off for ages. If you have seen Donie Darko at the end when he is laughing thats what i was like. It was so well timed and funny but private so I'm not going to tell you it.

I have got my forum back online...well I got a new forum as the old one is screwed cos the server has been turned off. So thats good and feel free to join it if you want. I also got phpmyadmin installed so i can sort out my database if i need to. well this entry could have been better.