Friends and Family

Sunday, 29 January 2006 14:44

Music: Incubus - Make yourself (album)
Mood: Good

Today it a great day, its not to cold and the sun is shining so once i have done this i'm going out on my bike. Today I have finished watching Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex 1st gig. This has been a great series and only £30 as well. The story line was great and the episodes are amazing.

Yesterday: In the morning I got up and 10 mins later I was in the car to my Grandparents, I normally see then at least every other week. I enjoy seeing them as I like people but i'm normally anti-social or shy. My cousins came round theirs as well and we had fun, me and my cousin were play fighting on sofa. That evening I went round my friend's and hung out for them for about 4 hours, I hadn't seen Sam in a while so it was good to see him. What we mostly did was have pizza, watch most of a film and just hang out at talk. We where sitting out side in the industrial estate with candles in jam jars burning Tesco's parking tickets. It was a good day yesterday, It's important to see your friend from time to time. I need to otherwise I feel lonely :( .

My bike had two problems with it. The first was that I couldn't get into top gear on it but I could still use the bike to get to school in good time without being worn out. The other was I got a flat front tyre on monday. So when I missed the bus to bike to school then find out that the bike has a flat caused a problem but we still managed to get to school with time to spare. To yesterday I fixed the front flat tyre with help from my dad as I didn't know how. Then I was left to muck around with the gear changer so I got all the gear again. I think I get up to 20mph on the way home sometimes but that is going down a hill. I like riding my bike is like the only real exercise that I do, I have got a football but I can't be bothered to play with it at the moment, also I have skater shoes which don't really help. School tomorrow, yay (not), I hope people just leave me alone if they're not going to be nice.