One Down, 12 to go

Tuesday, 31 January 2006 17:50

Mood: I don't feel to well

It is the last day in the month already and without realising it a lot has already happened; I got my English results back and woody got his maths ones, It was Spikey's 17th, My bike got fixed, our media groups got set and changed four times, My site (that you are probably reading this on) is back online, My low battery warning as just come up for the laptop, we got a new teacher for physics. Within all this I am trying to find where I stand and my way of life as things seem to be changing so fast. Latency says that once I have found a way of life that suits me everything else should fit into place. I know that I have some readers for my blog which is good cos I know that I am not just talking to myself. I have added a guest book that anyone that reads my site can use.

Yesterday I got a parcel from Laurence, It a book I lent to him ages ago. I read the letter that came with it and found out that this was a replacement for the one that got lost in the post, This is one of my favorite books. Thank you Laurence, I'll read it when I have finished with "Johnny and the bomb". It was recommend that I read more so that I can improve on my essays. I am getting extra help from the media teachers because I have told them that I am having trouble with the essays that we have to do in lesson. This is also the reason I don't take my laptop to school as much as I used to and have been doing this blog. I also do this blog because I feel better writing things down that people will read instead of just keeping things to myself which just bottles up.