Almost There

Monday, 6 February 2006 16:04

Mood: -

Last week of school before the half term, 13 lessons to go. This morning two of my friend where play fighting but one went over the top and belted the other in the face, his glasses got broken and he had to go to hospital and came back at break with stitches. They are still friends but it was a dramatic start to the week and is also the weirdest reason we have given one of our teachers when they weren't in class. I have 200 words left to do of a 750 word essay that most people have left until tonight or tomorrow to do which may be ok for them but we only get one shoot at this essay and I am trying my best.

My mate Spikey is thinking of dropping one of his subjects which is business studies. I think we have all felt like that sometimes and I have been thinking of dropping Media sometimes. At the moment my attitude is to try my best and try and get things to stick but if I am finding it hard I will try and do something about it. I am trying to be more organised and do my homeworks on time and learn extra stuff so I know what they are on about. But since my main problem is writing essays they are kinda hard to improve but I can do well if I am in the right place and mood. What I think he should do is talk to the teach about it before he goes ahead and just drops it.