Great Day

Tuesday, 14 February 2006 15:18

Mood: Excellent

Today has been a good so far and will get better this evening. I have had a haircut, and a shave so i'm happy cos my appearance. I have been playing Seven nation army by the White Strips and Plug in baby by Muse on my mates guitar that he has lent me for the week and it is going well so far so i'm in a good mood cos of that. This evening I have a sleep over with two of my best mates where we will share stories, eat pizza, drink and play games and we are sleeping in the living room :) I have also ordered my DVD-RW drive that was my xmas present and it should be here tomorrow but there is a problem with the payment or something. Oh and we had pancakes today cos my mum got the date wrong and they thought it was pancake day today. It was still good. Over and out.

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