Police Vs Drinking Emos

Saturday, 18 February 2006 18:31

Mood: Good

This post is all about yesterday. Me and me friend went out for the day filming for our media project. The manager of the first place we went to knew our media teacher so we were allowed, it was a bigger to get done cos the all the noise and that dam music box that I just turned off cos it was pissing the hell out of me. We had an idea of having the camera set up and me holding the laptop under it so that Woody could read the script off of them. We also went to Hylands park and ended up getting every muddy and went through a ford (where a river crosses a road).

After filming I went out on the town cos I could, but mostly because Jo asked me to go but I didn't see her in the end. I found a load of emos and hung out with them which is what I wanted to do. At one point we where walking away from the police because out of the three of use, I had drink, one had drink and a knife, and the third needed help standing. We hide these in a park and came back later after the police had gone and got them. In the end I had about have a beer so I wasn't drunk or anything, but happy to be with emos. I got my dad to pick me and my mate up that just came out of the Y about 10 mins before by dad got there. It was a good day yesterday, productive and social.