On The Way Up

Thursday, 23 February 2006 21:08

Mood: Good

Monday was a shit day as you can tell from this but since then things have been better and I have been happier. I might get getting a electric guitar and amp from my friend for £70 since at the moment I have borrowed one off my other friend and I am enjoying playing it, at the mo it is plug in baby by muse. At school things are going ok, ah shit I just remembered I was meant to go and get my essay off my teacher, oh well. Anyway yeah things seem to be going well, I got 17 out of 30 on my media essay which I am happy with as it is over half marks. i've been hanging out with friends in my study base. I have been lazy most of the week so today doing this blog is a good thing, I also do this blog to improve my english. Tomorrow I'm going to be hanging out with mates after school and since that ends at 1:30pm I'll have lots of time. cya.