Oh Shit

Friday, 10 March 2006 16:53

Mood: Embarrassed

This is a MSN convo I had with my friend today, I said something as a joke and his mum happens to have been in the room.

Jon:	still no sex :(
Alex:	lol wrong time to say that jon
Jon:	oh shit
Alex:	lol
Jon:	who read it?
Alex:	mum loves to read my convo's
Jon:	oh shit
Alex:	mum says make sure u use protection
Jon:	shit shit shit

This was an embarrassing moment but it could have been a lot worse, I could have been there in the room and said it. I have only had two days at school this week, I've had a school trip, sick day and a teacher training day, So this week seems to have gone fast....the way I like. Tomorrow I'm going to Allegro Music in town to have a look at a guitar and if things go well I might have a nice starter kit to jam with when bored.