It's been a good week

Sunday, 19 March 2006 21:31

Mood: Good

This week has been a very good week for me. I got a one hour driving lesson from my bank, no General Studies, Lau's birthday, lots of media progress, got my electric guitar and got a client to fix a PC for. I have been playing the electric guitar for 5 weeks and now I have my own one. A Crafter Cruiser LJ 550 and a Roland MicroCube for £210. So I will be practicing on it but I mostly got it as something that I can play just to chill out and relax to. I computer to fix for my friend's parents and they have given me £50 for parts and I give back what I don't spend on parts. Also as this counts as a small computer build my friend may get me to build him a nice computer. Most of this week I have been happy since I have been hanging out with my best friends more. I don't spend that much time at school out of lessons since in the common room there are always a few pricks that piss me off. Now to find how much hitman on Pc costs...