Saturday, 1 April 2006 20:35

Mood: Over the mood

Music: System - In Flames

I was 17 on Thursday and I got Cowboy Bebop manga and Ghost in the shell 1 and 2 on DVD, oh and driving lessons of course. I will enjoy these and it gives me something to do in my spare time. The media coursework was also due in the same day, I had finished it at 11:30pm the night before and was not going to tell woody make any changes as that would mean more editing. When we handed it is I was so happy to be finished and done with the project and 20 mins later Riki came and gave me another mini project to do for him whiles he was in art so I told my laptop what to do and went out to the Co-op to get my lunch.

This month I have probably been given a total of about £200 for different reasons such as fixing my Woody's PC and for my birthday so I can go and learn to drive. I would like to be able to drive by the summer so I can go out with mates and stuff. It's the holidays now so I can relax and revise for my exams that happen in 6 weeks, I plan to hang out with my friends because I haven't been seeing much of them for one reason or another. I need my friends or I don't see the point in living. I might also get some new trainers to play football in cos I have had skate shoes for the last 4 years, well only Vans.

I tried to hack windows to give me XP pro, it didn't like it so I have spent ages to get my data back and about 20 mins ago I got it and I am now coping it across to another hard drive. I'm so happy that I have got my data back cos it's got pics of people that I am fond of that I want. Now once this is done I will be able to partition the hard drive so the OS is separate from the rest of the stuff. wish me luck.