Friday, 7 April 2006 21:20

Mood: Good
Music: Left Behind - Slipknot

Today I went and played pool with one of my best friends. I hadn't played pool in a while but that doesn't matter because all the times I pot the ball is down to luck and not skill. I manage to do shots where it hits one ball and pots another or where it and the white bounce around the table and hit again and the colour goes in. Shots like that as I am normally fairy bag but it depends on my mood. We meet to guys there called Phil and Lewis. We did some doubles and singles games with them and it turned out that Lewis played for the club there.

I have recently got back into the older slipknot songs. I'm not to sure why I have, Its just one of those things where you find something old that you haven't used in a while and you play with it and like it again. I used to hate slipknot but that was only because people associated slipknot with screaming wrist silting idiots but now I do my own thing and I listen to other people's opinions instead of following them. I want to get longer hair so I can look up and see it. I have had the same crappy haircut all my life and now I will try and get something I can chuck around whiles listening to heavy metal, rock or trash.