A Little Rant

Sunday, 30 April 2006 12:03

Mood: Inspirited

Pastoral day was all about going to Uni, gap year and finance with different speakers throughout the day. In tutor we filled in out subjects and teachers names for reference for Unis. Our tutor hardly knows our names because he only started work at out school at the start of term. Anyway the thing I didn't like the most about this day was that I don't feel that I am smart enough to be able to go to uni because I am finding my lessons hard. Media is mostly about essays and this is my main weak-point since I can not write a decent essay in one go unless I know what I am going to say before hand and feel passionate about it, this only happens with my blog. This is a nasty downward spiral because I do bad in school I feel crap and don't want to do anything that is related to school so I waste my time instead of revising. I seem to spend more time out of school playing my Guitar or mucking around with websites than I do sitting down with my books and studying. I realy should do as my first exam for A-level is in 15 days.

I have a plan for next year, I will see what grade I get from my subjects and if they are all very bad I will leave the 6th form and go to college and do a course in networking or web design. If I get a bad grade in Media Studies but the rest are OK I will just drop media studies since I am allowed to do only 3 subjects and this is most likely going to happen because I can not deconstruct a media text quickly in detail and then write about it for 40 mins. Since I have my laptop and have been learning about MYSQL and web based databases at home I could take ICT.

I decided after something Graham said that I will go out on friday night and should have a good time. So I did. I had a beer and went out because I am normally shy so I needed a drink to get my confidence up. So I get to the train station and I see some girls that I reconcile so I go over and say I but they don't remember me :( . Anyway I start talking to these two girls called Claire and Mel, I hung out with them for the night until I went home. It was cool and they are cool people. Woo I just got a text from Claire...from yesterday, oh well. All I need for a good night out are people that I like and a field and pre drink. Whist we where there, there was a massive fight between chavs and emos and there where police cars everywhere with their lights on so we headed down to the Y to keep out of danger. Next time I should have a small bag and more beer to get drunk.
Ah Crap it's Woody's and Ash's birthdays next week, I need to get them pressies.