Mock Exam

Thursday, 4 May 2006 22:12

Mood: Emo

First things first the good stuff; Happy Birthday Woody and Ash. On Monday I went round Sams a biked around with him and it was cool, I like biking and I like Sam. We went down this dirt track because it was dirt. We got creeped out because it reminded us of stuff we had seen to many horror films. Down the dirt track it lead into an area with trees hanging over them, there were dustbins and chicken wire creating a large cornered area with small huts inside of them. We where like "What the hell is this place". It was cool to feel creeped out and it was cool to hang out with Sam again.

Today I did a mock exam and I hated it like hell. When you done something well you are proud with the work you have done and has a sense of achievement. When I do something bad I feel like a useless shit and it doomed to fail making me pissed off and depressed. I did the nice easy maths questions then got the the essay style questions and that was the end of the exam for me. The essay style questions make me want to run, to get the fuck away from it as fast as possible because they make me feel shit. I was the first out to door and was on my bike when the bell went. Within 5 mins I was round my mates house, it was the fastest I has gotten there from school because I was running from the exam. I think that is my way of dealing with things I hate, by running away from it and staying back.