45 Mph

Monday, 3 July 2006 16:44

Woo today I have my first driving lesson and got home about 15 mins ago. I'm really pound of myself for all the stuff we did. I went round round-abouts, dual carriage way and the main road. I thought that for my first lesson I would just be driving around my road just learning the controls of the car. That was amazing driving around with the cars so close behind. I went round a corner and went wide so I tried to correct it and over did it so I swerved and stopped with a BMW behind me braking hard as I took him my surprise. Towards the end of my lesson I started screwing things up and I think I was getting panicky. On the way home we pulled onto the dual carriage way and I was thinking "But they are going fast". So I pull onto the dual carriage way fine, clutch in and change from first gear to fourth. Wait thats not right, crap. I kept the clutch in cos I noticed it straight away before I let off and quickly changed into 2nd gear.

I now know why learner drivers are so slow, I was happy in 2nd gear doing 15mph. Hell I was just happy to be moving around and the fastest I got up to was 45mph which put a smile on my face. That was going up the dual carriage way. On the way home people were being little gits and overtaking me on round-abouts. On a non-car topic I only have 2 lessons a day at school this week apart from Wednesday and friday where I have one lesson in the morning on wednesday and a school trip on friday. So yeah woot loads of free time, and what am I going to do with it? Probably waste most of it cos I just suck at using my time well.