I Conquered The Army And Navy

Friday, 21 July 2006 17:07

Mood: Great
Music: Jimmy Eat World

I had my driving lesson in the past hour and a half and we took a different direction from the end of the road this time and headed towards the Army and Navy. I thought that we would just take the traffic lights but we went over the bridge and around the legendary Army and Navy. For those of you that don't know what the Army and Navy is, it's a very busy around about in the center of Chelmsford and used to have a pub on it. I was worried about going round it because I knew at some point I would have to.

Today at school I did something that I never normally do, and that is get involved with the stuff that the sport group do. In our common room there are the sporty lot and there is our lot, a kinda mixture of emos and the such. There was these little year 9 kids handing about round the door and one of the suckers got pushed into the room and his mates shut the door behind him so his only option was to spirt through the common room. As he did I jumped in his path and grabbed him. Some of the other 6th formers that we chasing him took him and tried to pin him down on the floor, then they poured water over him from a bucket. One by one we got his mates too. We had fun chasing them around but some of them did have problems with their aim like when Andy got half the kid and half me.