Holiday Day 4

Tuesday, 25 July 2006 16:56

Location: Outside on a bench

I am on hoilday in a small terrace house that looked like it's a converted barn. It's small and is lacking facilities, like a backing tray. We are somewhere up north about 300 miles from home, boardband, decent TV and I am doing the same things on hoilday that I would do at home just in a different faction. I am using my laptop to do my blog but only this time I am sitting outside. I keep me happy I have installed warcraft 3 onto it as something to play and it also ties in nicely with the book I am reading called Orcs. The book is pretty good as it builds up the characters and has an interesting story plot. It's usual as it is from the Orcs point of view.

One that I have noticed is that there seems to be a lot of blond boys about. There maybe an equal number of girls are blond but I haven't noticed because I'm used to it. Even tho three of my best friends are blond I have noticed this. I'm not to sure where I am going with this but the point is that there is a hell of a lot of blond boys about the place then there are at home.

In my dreams there has been guitars and bikes. Last night it was a white 12 string bass and the night before was a 4 string acoustic bass. I have also been thinking when I am out on walks that if I had my bike or a BMX / Trails bike that this path would be exerlent to ride on. From this I have concluded that I miss my guitar and my bike since I used them nearly everyday at home. What I was thinking about before I came on hoilday was getting a BMX from my friend as something to just grap and ride about that could easily be thrown into a back of a car or van. My plan with the guitar is when I get much better to get another guitar and a while after that start to learn the bass. So that might be linked to the dreams. Well it's getting a little cold out here so I'm going in.