Holiday - Day 7 (Attack of the Cornflakes)

Saturday, 29 July 2006 15:21

Location: Dinning table, Northumbria, next to a golf course.

We are at the second location for our hoilday. This place is much better then the last and we have been here before in 2003. I can see rolling hills and parts of hadrians wall from here. The rooms are much bigger and are much better equipped with things like pillows that aren't so soft that towels would perform a better job. In the car here the packet of cornflakes kept sliding into me, so know you know what the subtitle is about.

I have almost finished the Story "bodyguard of lightening" which I have been reading a lot of since there isn't much to do if you can't drive to places. I am too chapters away from the end and I am eager to find out if the warband get kill or not as many are after them and they are going into a troll's layer. I suppose that once I have finished that I will read the other stories in the book until I get back. This is the biggest book at 710 pages that I have read since I normally lose momentum and stop reading. The normal size of a book that I read is about 250 - 300 pages and I think the only reason that I am reading a book of this size is because it's four stories in one book. Since I have been reading it for a while and now that I am on hoilday I've been reading it a lot I feel as tho my reading speed as improved. Ultimately making me feel less like an idiot.