Drum And Bass Goodness

Sunday, 6 August 2006 20:11

Mood: Good
Music: Zincast 002

At the moment I am listening to DJ Marky on the 2nd Zincast. Normally I listen to metal and take the piss out of Drum and bass because of all the stupid chavs following it but since I have listen to it I do like it a fair bit. I think it's great background music or something to chill out to. This will take the people at school by surprise because it just doesn't seem like me.

I have been mucking around with my laptop abit more so that it's up to date on the server side for when I go back to school and do my coursework on it. I have been working with Open SSL and after a while I got SSL installed and working on my server, Which is in fact my laptop. I've also just updated to PHP 5.1.14 and that only took a second. For my coursework for ICT I am doing a massive project but at the end of it all it will be something that is also useful to me. I really don't want to use the school computers since they are horror and unreliable so i've sticking with my shinny mac.