Half Way Through

Saturday, 12 August 2006 18:05

Mood: Apathetic

I have just noticed as I was writing the date that a film I wanted to watch was 3 hours ago, oh well there is always bloke busters. This week I haven't done that much, hang out with a friend, mucked around with bike and did some of my ICT project. The project is going fine apart from the paper work since I don't really know what I have to do, I have a tick list but thats still not making things clear. I've always hated paperwork simply because I was always crap at writing. Grr so many fucking spelling mistakes and it isn't even the first paragraph done yet. I reckon that in a week I can do the whole system for my project and have it installed on my mates system but the paper work will take 2 or 3 months. It fucking sucks but in ICT everyone expects the project to be done in a few weeks and the paperwork is just the rest of the shit. When I get back I'll grab my tutor and get him to have a look at this stuff since I may need to write about how the dam thing was made.

I'm half way though my hoildays already and I have only seen one person so far but we hung out for ages which was good. I normally get lonely if I don't see people in a while and that leads to depression, and I think I have had enough of that over the years. Well I have to hand out questionnaires to people so that should keep be social. I hardly use my windows PC these days because I am on the mac all the time so that is now the main thing so it's the one plugged into the DVI and speakers. I reckon that my PCS will always work as when I am older I plan to fix computer for a living but not that crap in PC world where monkeys put crap on your PC. fuck,. Well to keep me busy my mum got my a book about how to draw manga characters which is cool. I have already drawn a guy and it's going well cos they have hair :O but I still need to work on it, someday i'll get a whole body aswell. Theres also a song i'm learning vcalled monster hospital by metric. ah to hell with spelling i can't seem to write for shit for somereason. well this will give people something to read as I found out I have 2 people on Kustomcs formums that read it.