Cars (Hello Keaton)

Wednesday, 16 August 2006 21:05

Mood: Nominal

I got Need for Speed Most Wanted and I have already done 21% of the game. I find it a piece of piss and want to make it harder but one day I will race latency, my host, with my nice new Mitsubishi Evo VIII. I like the racing around and trashing police cars but I hate that they have tried to put a shitty plot in the game with all the characters on ego highs, but that does give you an incentive to kick their arses. My computer isn't the most powerful of them but I have set it up so I can play the game with mid-high graphics if I turn off the AA and over bright it runs fine.

It's results day tomorrow for my AS-Levels, so tomorrow will be busy by comparasion. First I'll wake up and talk to Keaton in the land of OZ then my grand parents come round. My best friend Alex got back from brazil so i'll see him and bike to school to get our results. Hope it all goes well. I have a load of work to do before the hoildays are over.