Hmm Tea and Burgers (An odd combo)

Monday, 21 August 2006 23:53

Something that pisses me off is evil marketing departments. The school hoildays starts so the kids are having fun and companies start their "Back to school" sales. When you are on hoilday you don't want to be reminded of work or school. Speaking of hoildays I only have just over 2 weeks left until I go back to hell to be taught shit side by side with pricks school. When I do go back I will be starting AS-Level ICT which should be call because as far as I know I have no fixed lessons to go to and only have to see one teacher from time to time. I will prob try and see him at least once a week. I got DDEE for my subjects, shite but still a pass and I get to stay in the 6th form.

I have been learning to draw comics from this book my mum got from the library and I think I am coming along well with my skills. They take ages to draw in pencil then I go over them with ink. The main problem I had was that the scanner and printer I have don't work on my mac so if I get good at drawing I will get my a new scanner and printer for my mac, and if I get really good I hope to get a powermac G5 to replace my desktop. I have a character that I call nathan that has blond hair but apart from that thats all he is, there's no background on him but once I get my comic plans I hope that he will be a great character. I used to have photoshop on my computers but that got wiped after some bad stuff that ended but with the OS having to be reinstalled. Now I use GIMP 2.2 on all my computers.